Workshop Tool Kit

Workshop Toolkit

As of the Fall 2019 Semester, The Center for Academic Excellence will no longer be able to provide logistical support for other offices and units on campus. However, to assist these offices and units in planning their own workshops, we have designed a "Workshop Toolkit" which contains tips, tricks, and advice for implementing a successful workshop. 

This page will provide information on how to:

  • Write a workshop name, create a description, and develop learning objectives
  • Reserve a room location
  • Select the best dates/times
  • Post the information on Workshop Scheduler
  • Achieve higher attendance
  • Advertise
  • Create worthwhile evaluations

If you would like your workshop to be included in our comprehensive professional development schedule (reference Spring 2021 Schedule) please email Crystal Weisner at Please note that all workshop information must be submitted two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. 

Creating the Workshop Name, Description, and Learning Objectives

When planning your workshop, please model best practices in teaching!  Incorporate Active learning methods to involve participants, such as:

  • Polling/Survey questions (i.e. Poll Everywhere)
  • Small group discussion
  • Games
  • Simulations

You may also consider doing this workshop as a webinar.

Reserving a Room

There are many spaces on campus that are ideal for facilitating both small workshops and large events, such as New Faculty Orientation. 

The Center for Academic Excellence typically utilizes the following spaces:

  • 218 Anne Belk Hall, CAE Classroom 222
  • Plemmons Student Union
  • 421 Belk Library & Information Commons
  • Room 124, Reich College of Education

Selecting a Date and Time

Selecting a workshop date and time can be tricky.

This page will provide you with information on best practices for scheduling your workshop to accommodate your registrant's busy schedules, including:

  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Dates and times that usually achieve higher attendance
  • Dates and times to avoid 


It is very important to advertise and promote your workshops in a variety of ways.

This page will demonstrate the various ways to promote your workshop, including:

  • Using the various google announce systems
  • Tips for creating the subject line and body of your announcement
  • Best practices for target advertising


Workshop Scheduler

Many departments on campus utilize workshop scheduler to post their workshop, advertise, and create registration links. 

The new and improved user-friendly workshop scheduler offers a variety of new features to aid facilitators in managing the logistical aspects of their workshops, including sending reminder emails, maintaining attendance, sending zoom links, invitations, and more!

This page will offer information on:

  • The pros and cons of using workshop scheduler
  • How to setup up an account 
  • Create a workshop registration link
  • Monitor attendance

Resources & Templates

This page contains resources and templates that the Center for Academic Excellence uses to aid in developing our annual report. 

Templates included:

  • Attendance 
  • Pre-workshop surveys
  • Feedback Surveys