It is very important to advertise and promote your workshops in a variety of ways, whether it be using the google announce system, target advertising, or both. Remember: PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!  megaphone.png

Using the Google Announce System

To post to the campus-wide announce system, go to and click on "Post a message" under the "Campus News and Events Announcements" section.

However, there are pros and cons to using the Google Announcement systems.


  • All faculty and staff will be able to see the announcement 
  • You can easily search for your workshop name via title or description
  • Campus-wide announcements are posted twice a day


  • Your announcement could get overlooked if there are several other announcements that day
  • Not everyone reads the announcements 
  • Your workshop announcement is moderated and may take longer to post

Faculty and Staff Announce System

When considering your audience, you may also want to subscribe to the google group specifically for faculty and the google group specifically for staff. You must request to join these groups before you can post or read messages.  


  • For the Staff Announce Group, the workshop announcement will go directly to their email directly after posting (if staff are subscribed to this group)
  • The workshop announcements are easier to filter through than the campus-wide announce system
  • Registration rates are higher than the general announce system


  • Posting multiple workshop announcements to these group within a short time period can result in your emails being overlooked or deleted without them being read
  • Not everyone subscribes to these groups

Target Advertising

Target advertising can be more beneficial in obtaining more registrants than the Google announcement systems alone.

For example, if you are doing several workshops on Research Methods, notify registrants of all of the upcoming workshop offerings and include what topics will be covered.

  • If you are offering the same workshop each semester, notify those who were unable to attend previous sessions about your upcoming workshop offering
  • Consider contacting departments individually who may benefit from your workshop

Tips and Tricks

  • Make the subject of your announcement BRIEF and CATCHY so that it stands out from other announcements
  • Think about who your audience is and how you could entice them to register
  • Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs in the body of your announcements
  • Try highlighting the main "take-away" points of your workshop using bullet points
  • Include graphics if applicable
  • Be sure to include the:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location 
    • Registration Link
    • Contact information if questions arise
  • Avoid advertising on Mondays and Fridays (that is when your announcement is most likely to get overlooked)
  • Advertise a week and a half to two weeks in advance
  • Send out reminder emails one to two days before the workshop occurs

Examples of "Catchy" Subject Lines

  • "Looking For a Way To Re-Energize Your Teaching?" (used for the "Course ReDesign Institute")
    • Number of announcement views: 36 
  • "Supporting Our Student Veterans and Active Military at ASU" (used for the workshop "GreenZone: Veterans and Service Members on Campus")
    • Number of announcement views: 34
  • "Unravel the Mysteries of the Promotion and Tenure Process!" (used for the workshop "Path to Promotion and Tenure")
    • Number of announcement views: 32
  • "How and When to Use Correlations and Multiple Regressions" (used for the workshop "How to Do Correlations and Regressions")
    • Number of announcement views: 42
  • "Learn Useful FUnctions, Features, and Tricks in Excel!" (used for the workshop "More Excel")
    • Number of announcement views: 50