Resources & Templates

Resources & Templates

Below are a few templates and resources that the Center for Academic Excellence uses to aid in developing our annual report, which includes attendance demographics and various evaluations. 

Note: Each template is in "view" format and cannot be edited as-is. Therefore, you will need to make a copy of each. To do this, you will need to go to "file" and scroll down to click on "make a copy". 

It is important to keep your files organized. We typically sort our workshops by Academic Year and then break it down by semester and workshop name. To add these documents to your google drive folder, go to "file"-->"move to..." and select which folder to add it to. You can click on the left-facing arrow to go back a  page or click on the folder icon to add a new folder. 


Benefits of monitoring attendance:

  • Some departments require their faculty and staff professional development involvement  
  • Can help with target advertising
    • By marking those who did not attend a workshop in the Fall 2018 semester, you have a record of who to notify of duplicate workshop offerings in the future—registrants are generally grateful for this and are more likely to register for the alternate session.
  • Assist with Annual Report statistics 

Attendance Template (refer to the workshop scheduler page for more detailed information on how to obtain a list of registrants for your workshops)

    • To see who has registered for your workshop, you must be logged in as an Administrator. 
    • Once you’ve logged in, click on “My workshops”.
    • This displays all of the active registration links for your upcoming workshops. You can also look at previous workshops by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the month or exact date of the event. 
    • Click on roster. 
    • This will show the status (not set) the registrants user ID, and Name. 
    • Use the “search feature” to look up the department name and email of the registrant under “Search the Directory”. 
    • To mark those who have completed the workshop, click on roster. Under the status icon, click on “not set” so that it changes to “completed"Completion

Pre-Workshop Surveys

Pre-Workshop Survey Template

You can choose which questions will be required. If a question is required, they will not be able to submit the form without answering the questions beforehand. 


  • Note: This template is currently set to collect email addresses.
    • To change the settings, click on the three dots at the top of the page next to the "send" box
    • Scroll down to preferences.
    • Uncheck the box "Collect email addresses"
    • Click "save"
  • Pros:
    •  Helps you keep track of who has answered the google form and who has not
    • You can send out a reminder email to those who have not completed the form
  • Cons:
    • Loss of anonymity 

Workshop Feedback

Workshop Feedback Template

Sending out an evaluation to participants can definitely help you improve future workshops. The template below will be able to give you specific feedback using both qualitative and quantitative data.


  • Be wary of sending out too many evaluations, as people will eventually stop responding. 
  • Send out evaluations via email vs from the google form itself.
    • From the editing page, click on the send box
    • Make sure that the"automatically collected respondents email address" is unchecked
    • Click on the hyperlink icon (located next to the envelope icon at the top)
    • Click copy
    • Insert the form in an email message by hyperlinking the words "Workshop Feedback" or "Google Form Evaluation" rather than copying and pasting the entire link into an email
    • Make sure that participants are BCC'd in the email to protect anonymity