Workshop Name, Description, and Learning Objectives

Creating a Workshop Name

The name of an event can definitely "make" or "break" workshop. Remember, the title is what catches the registrants eye, and can easily be overlooked.Workshop Icon

Here are a few tips for creating an engaging and inviting title:

  • Make it Descriptive—Summarize what the workshop is about
  • Create a name that is "catchy" and stands out 
    • Examples:
      • "Mid-Career Faculty: Managing Energy, Not Time"
      • "He, She, They, Xe? Importance of Affirming Pronouns"
      • "How to Use Open Science Practices in Your Research"

Please keep in mind that workshop scheduler has a 50 character limit.

Creating a Workshop Description

This is where you summarize the purpose, what topics will be covered, and in what was registrants will benefit by attending the workshop.


  • Cater the description to your audience
  • Make it brief and to the point
  • Add some pizzaz to entice people to register for your workshop


From the workshop: Cultural Sensitivity: What Story is That Photo Telling?

“An old adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, some photos unwittingly convey bias and prejudice through the content, composition, and comments. In this workshop, you will learn to recognize photos and captions that are potentially biased, learn why and how images can portray bias, and how to more skillfully frame photos to eliminate bias.”

Creating Learning Objectives

While it is not required to list the learning objectives, it can be beneficial for registrants to get an idea of what they will be able to get a better understanding of what they will learn from your workshop.

We recommend that you list a minimum of three things that you want your participants to learn from your workshop. Using this stem: “Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to...:"


  • Do not list more than five learning objectives
  • Use verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy, i.e. “Identify four strategies for…”, or “Evaluate the utility of …” or “Design a …”)

Blooms Taxonomy