Workshop Scheduler

Workshop Scheduler

Many departments on campus use workshop scheduler to post their workshop, advertise, and create registration links. This page will provide an introduction to setting up an account and creating a workshop registration link. For more detail information on utilizing workshop scheduler, please see the Workshop Scheduler Administrator Manual.

If you are looking to create a registration link for a certain group of people, please consider using a Google Form


  • Track and monitor registration
  • Records workshop attendance
  • Ability to display workshop offerings from previous years
  • Add multiple sessions to one registration link


  • There is not a way to create a registration link that goes out to a certain group of people—it is available to the entire campus
  • You cannot create a hyperlink to another page in workshop scheduler
  • Creating a registration link can be tedious for beginners
  • Under the roster, the registrant's name is not always listed in the "advanced search" and can be difficult to figure out their department name (they may go by a different name or have changed their legal name)

Learn how to set up your workshop scheduler account and begin adding and editing your office's workshops!