Adding & Editing a Workshop

Adding and Editing a Workshop to Workshop Scheduler

Login as an Admin, and click the “Add Workshop” link to create a new workshop. If you are wanting to edit an existing workshop or click the edit link beside an existing workshop to modify it.

  • Enter a Workshop Name (50 characters max)

  • Selecting Your Community (Required)

    • The Community name defaults to the administrators Community. To choose another community, use the “Select Your Community” drop-down menu and click on the desired community name.

  • Select the Workshop Type (Required)

  • Select the Workshop Administrator aka Workshop Leader (Required)

    • This is the person who will be leading the workshop. If the workshop leader is not an ASU employee, you may add their information in the body of the workshop description.

    • You can modify the list of Leaders from the Edit Workshop Community screen using the Communities link on the Workshop Administration menu (manual). 

  • More Information URL (Optional)
    • This section is used to display a link to another page that contains more information about the workshop or office. Unfortunately, there is not a way to directly hyperlink to another page in workshop scheduler. 
    • The more information URL This will be displayed as  “Additional Information” on the registration page
  • Note: The “Additional Information” link can be easily overlooked. It can be beneficial to add in something about participants clicking on the “Additional Information” hyperlink in the body of the description itself. 

The Station Type (Optional) aka “Preferred Equipment”
  • If you are hosting your workshop in a computer lab, this specifies whether users should select between a Windows or Macintosh computer for the workshop.

  • The “No Prompt” removes the option from the registration screen

  • Optional displays the option, but does not require a selection 

  • “Required” displays the option (“preferred equipment type) and participants make a choice before they can fully register for the workshop

    • Note: Once participants click “register” on the registration page, the registrant must select the preferred equipment from the drop-down menu before they are successfully registered for the event

    • Note: This option is rarely used

Copy email to Administrator when Registrant is Notified for (Optional) 
  • This section allows administrators to get email notifications when each participant:

  • Signs up (Confirm Reg.)

  • Drops aka unenrolled  (Confirm Drop)

  • Removed from a Wait List to an open seat (Promote WL). 

    • Note: Participants always receive these notifications, 

Send a Reminder _____ Days in Advance (Optional)
  • This section is where you can enter the number of days before a workshop to send a “reminder email” to those who are registered. 

  • Leave the field blank to prevent the automatic reminder.

Workshop Description (see workshop description tips for more information) Learning Objectives
  • While it is not required to list the learning objectives, it can be beneficial for registrants to get an idea of what they will be able to get a better understanding of what they will learn from your workshop.

  • The learning objectives are displayed as bullets on the registration page 

  • After typing your first learning objective, be sure to press enter to start a new bullet for the second learning objective

  • Pre-Requisites (Optional)

    • This where you would specify any prerequisites for a workshop. 

    • For example, if we were doing a workshop that was specifically for an Inclusive Excellence Liaison, we would say:“You must be an Inclusive Excellence Liaison to register for this workshop”

    • See manual for more details

  • Location (for more information on workshop locations, see the Reserving a Room section)
    • Type the Room Number and Building Name for the workshop (50 Characters Max)

    • Example: 421 Belk Library & Information Commons

  • Min Enroll (Optional)
  • This is where you would in the minimum number of registrants for your workshop

    • Note: Even if you do not obtain the minimum number of registrants and want to cancel or reschedule your workshop, it is  your responsibility to notify the registrants. Workshop scheduler will NOT automatically cancel the workshop.

  • Note the CAE rarely uses this feature

  • Max Enroll 
    • This section is where you would enter in the maximum number of registrants that you are wanting to attend your workshop

    • If you receive more registrations after the maximum number of registrants is reached, they will automatically be put on a wait-list

    • If people unenroll from the workshop themselves, those on the waitlist will automatically be added to the available seat and an automatic email is sent them to confirm their registration.

  • Max Wait List (Optional)

    • When the Wait List maximum is reached, no other users can register for the workshop.

    • Leave values blank or set to 00 for no limits.

    • Note: CAE rarely uses this feature

  • Note: Important information about the Min Enroll, Max Enroll, and Max Wait List
    • Make sure that you click on the left side of each box to enter in the information as you are only allowed to enter in a two digit number. 

    • If you try to click in the middle of the box, it will not allow you to type in a number. 

  • Start and End Time (tips and tricks for selecting optimal dates and times):

    • Enter in the start and time of your workshop (do not include the time it will take for you to set up and clean up for your workshop)

    • You must enter in the following format:

      • For 8:00am, enter in 08:00AM (make sure to include the extra 0 in front of the 8)

      • For 12:00pm, enter in 12:00 and make sure to change the AM to PM by pressing the letter “P” 

    • Tips and tricks for selecting optimal dates and times

  • Once you’ve entered your information, click Submit at the top of the page 


  • Important: You must enter in a Workshop Section for the registration link to become active (see below)

Adding & Editing a Workshop Section

Once you’ve hit submit, click the Add Workshop Section (aka Session) link to create a new section of the workshop.

  • In the section code box, enter in a two digit number (i.e. 01). If you are offering more than one workshop session on a different/date time, make sure you use a different two-digit number for the others.
  • Choose the leader of the workshop
  • Enter in the location. 
    • Note: Even though you added in the location on the previous page, you must also do so on this page or it won’t display correctly.
  • Enter in the enroll information (see above). 
  • Date: Click on the calendar icon to select the date of your workshop.
  • Enter in the start and end time (above) and choose if you want to be sent an email for the registration, drop, or promoted from Wait-List.
  • Click submit.
  • You will now see the “edit, del, and roster” links with the section number. This means that the registration link is active


Click on “view registration screen” to see what your workshop posting looks like and make any changes.

For more information on modifying or adding a workshop section, please see the workshop scheduler manual.

Attendance and Registration


  • To see who has registered for your workshop, you must be logged in as an Administrator. 
  • Once you’ve logged in, click on “My workshops”. 
    • This displays all of the active registration links for your upcoming workshops. You can also look at previous workshops by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the month or exact date of the event. 
  • Click on roster. 
    • This will show the status (not set) the registrants user ID, and Name. The CAE utilizes this attendance template to keep track of attendance. It is very important to keep up with your attendance information, as some departments monitor their faculty and staff professional development involvement. 
  • Use the “search feature” to look up the department name and email of the registrant under “Search the Directory”. 
  • To mark those who have completed the workshop, click on roster. Under the status icon, click on “not set” so that it changes to “completed”