Getting Started

Getting Started

While all faculty and staff can view and register for workshops on campus, not everyone can post and create registration links on workshop scheduler. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to getting your account setup.

Creating a Workshop Scheduler Community 

A Workshop Scheduler Community is basically the name for which your workshops will be listed. This is usually the department or units name.

For example, the Center for Academic Excellence has three communities:

  • CAE Online
  • Center for Academic Excellence (FAD)
  • Center for Academic Excellence (LTS)

Note: You can have more than one community for your department and other users from different offices may also share a community

  • Determine who will be the Community Administrator(s). This person creates workshops and workshop sections and likely publicizes workshop events.
    • To gain administrator rights to workshop scheduler, you must have someone in your department who already has access to workshop scheduler (also known as the “Workshop Leader” or instructor) to submit a support ticket at 
      • In the incident description field, please include the following information:
        • Name of the community for your department (40 characters max)
        • Your Banner ID
        • Username of the community administrator 
      • Once you have been added as an administrator and workshop leader, you may begin to set up your department's workshop community name and create workshop registration links.
  • Determine the Workshop Leaders (aka instructors) who currently facilitates workshops.  Any Leader who will be responsible for setting up workshops, workshop sections, and taking roll for the workshop in the system should be given Community Administrator credentials.  
  • Note: A workshop leader does not have administrator rights by default and you must submit a request for it to be approved.

    • For example, say you want to set up a workshop for your supervisor (who will be the “instructor or leader” of the workshop) but does not have time to set up a registration link and will not necessarily need to be added as an administrator. You will, therefore, need to set up the link as an administrator on their behalf. You can select different “instructors or leaders” for each workshop

Creating Workshop Types

Workshop Types are the various workshop categories under your Department/Community Name that your office will offer.

Examples of Workshop Types from the Center for Academic Excellence (FAD) 

  • Book Clubs

  • Career Development

  • Diversity

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Log into the Workshop Scheduler, go to
  • In the top right corner of the screen select the Log In link. Use your ASU User ID and Password to log in.
  • If you have authorization as a Community Administrator you will see the link for “Admin” after your name in the top right corner of the screen. Select the “Admin link” to display the Workshop Administration screen.


It is recommended that one person in the community be responsible for maintaining the Workshop Types. Select your Community from the dropdown list. Any existing workshop types that you have for your Community will be listed.

  • Click Add Workshop Type to categorize the different workshops within your community. 



  •  Enter a Code (a short abbreviation that is 10 characters max) and Desc(ription) of the type. The Description is displayed when you search in the “Find a Workshop” field, so make sure it clearly identifies what kind of workshop you are offering.

Examples from The Center for Academic Excellence (FAD):


To edit a workshop Code or Description, click the edit link beside a listed workshop type or to upload a Logo Image used to identify workshop listings of that type. The image must be a GIF file that will be displayed 57 pixels wide by 55 pixels high. If the logo is not square, its background should be transparent. Consult someone knowledgeable in web graphics to help with constructing your logo.