Mid-Career Faculty

Mid-Career Faculty 

The requirements for professional development change as faculty reach mid-career.  The goals of tenure, promotion, or long-term contracts are no longer guiding metrics, therefore, career paths can become unclear.  The Center for Academic Excellence seeks to provide targeted support for faculty at this stage of their academic life through discussion groups, workshops, writing groups, and other resources.

For more information, please contact our Mid-Career Faculty Coordinator Reeves Shulstad (she/hers) and consider joining the Mid-Career Faculty Google Group

Writing Groups and Retreats

Whatever your writing goals, working in a group for a focused amount of time can give you the momentum to start, re-organize, or complete a project.  Throughout the year, CAE will host writing retreats of various lengths and writing groups.

Avoiding Burnout

Mid-Career Faculty often struggle with increased teaching loads and service expectations along with other personal responsibilities (children, aging parents, etc.).  The CAE offers discussion groups and resources to help avoid burning out and to find ways to navigate the latter part of one’s career.

Mid-Career Women:  Post-Tenure Career Paths

Redirecting Your Research

Are you considering taking your research in a different direction or exploring a new area altogether?  CAE in collaboration with the Office of Research provides a variety of workshops and discussion groups that will support you in this endeavor.


Learn more about the resources available to support mid-career faculty, including articles, online resources, and podcasts. 

Overcoming Overwhelm