Early Career Faculty (Pre-Tenure)

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Early Career Faculty (Pre-Tenure)

Welcome to academe. You are entering one of the most stimulating and satisfying professions in the world. You are actually paid to constantly develop new skills and new perspectives to address new challenges and new issues in your field! What could be more exciting?

As a junior faculty member, your primary job is to demonstrate that you are able to make a meaningful contribution to the university and to the profession. Thus you are expected to:

  • Engage students in the content of your discipline through a variety of pedagogical methods
  • Create knowledge, either by conducting significant research in an area of your discipline or by creating major artistic pieces
  • Provide service to the department, college, university, public, and/or profession

It is imperative that you continuously work on and collect evidence about your accomplishments in these three areas. It is equally important that you work closely with members of your department to learn and abide by the criteria for rank, tenure, and promotion. We in the Center for Academic Excellence are here to help you through workshops, conferences and institutes intended to enhance your teaching and research, and by helping you attain the balance between teaching and research that is essential to success and recognition. We are here to listen and to develop solutions based on the interests, issues, and obstacles you perceive, identify and share. The Center for Academic Excellence strives to help you in your quest for tenure.

Helpful resources for junior faculty: