Chris Presnell

Classroom Technology Support Analyst
Classroom Technology Support

Chris Presnell is a Technology Support Analyst who works with faculty and staff to provide high quality technical and end-user support. Chris believes that it is important to maintain an in-depth knowledge of hardware and software, cultivate up-to-date knowledge of the latest IT and software trends and provide strong customer service ethos as he works with faculty and staff to ensure quality technology experiences.

Chris has worked at Appalachian State University since January 2007, and is proud of and thankful for the opportunities to obtain multiple certifications throughout his career with ASU. These allow him to provide excellent service to his colleagues.

Chris is a certified Extron A/V Associate, Extron Control Associate, Extron Control Specialist, Extron Control Professional and has certifications from CompTia, Vaddio and Avixa.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems from Gardner-Webb University and an Associate’s Degree in Networking from Caldwell Community College. He is a proud father and grandfather and enjoys the hunt for antiques.