AsULearn Quiz - Calculated Questions

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 10:00am
Online in Zoom

Calculated questions offer a way to create numerical questions with individualized, variable answers by using wildcards or variables (e.g., {x} or {y}) that are replaced by distributed, randomized values when the quiz is taken.
For example, if you want each student to see a differently valued "Calculate the area of a rectangle" problem, you can create a question with two wildcards (i.e. {base}, {height}) and put in the "Correct Answer Formula=" input field {base} * {height} ( * being the multiplication sign ). AsULearn will then base scoring of each student's answer for the question on the values he or she received when taking the quiz.
The workshop will be held in Zoom.
Participants will receive a link via Google calendar prior to the webinar.

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