Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Faculty at all career levels are concerned about issues of work-life balance. To help you better understand and achieve work-life balance, the Center for Academic Excellence teamed with a doctoral intern to develop research-based webcasts. The strategies offered in the webcasts will help you find balance (or rather "accord") as you face the many tensions of working in academia.

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Module One

The Truth About Work-Life Balance

Module One is an invitation to reframe ideas about balance between the home and the work spheres.

Module Two

Another Day, Another Dollar: Work

Module Two focuses on life at work, including strategies which should help tackle daily tensions between work and life outside the office of our classroom.

Module Three

How I Love Thee? Relationships

Module Three focuses on relationships, chiefly with a romantic partner, although much of this advice can be applied to relationships with key friends and colleagues.

Module Four

The Pitter Patter: Children

Module Four focuses on children, including strategies which should help with demands of being a working parent.

Module Five

Age Isn't Just a Number: Elder Care

Module Five focuses on the elderly, including strategies which should help tackle those caring for an older family member.

Module Six

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Module Six focuses on health and wellness.

Strategies for Work-Life Accord


An 11-minute video featuring two faculty members who share their thoughts on the advantages and challenges those in academia face in finding work-life balance.

About the researcher

Tina ProctorTina Proctor is Director of Advising and Academic Support in the College of Health Sciences at Appalachian State University. She is also a doctoral student researching work-life balance who completed her internship with Hubbard Programs for Faculty Excellence in summer 2015. This work represents much of that internship experience.