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Columbia Inclusive Teaching MOOC

Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom

Over 200 Appalachian faculty have participated already in the Columbia MOOC and having this shared professional development experience offers the potential to create a community around inclusive teaching practices. You may audit this course for free or pay a fee of $49 for a certificate of completion. Your department may be willing to fund your participation, please inquire with your chair. There may be additional spots available through the CAE.

Beyond the MOOC: Reflection to Practice Groups

After completing the MOOC, we also invite you to engage with faculty here on campus in reflection groups. These have ongoing enrollment and can involve anywhere from 4-10 hours of time per semester. To participate in the Beyond the MOOC: Reflection to Practice Groups, please fill out this Google Form or you can contact Andy Bellemer ( or Melody Schwantes ( for more information. 

AsULearn Page

Beyond the MOOC asulearn page.

Only available to those already enrolled in the Reflection to Practice group.