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Best Practices in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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  • Situational Factors in the Learning Environment
    By Dr. Brandy Bryson
  • Strategies for Student Success: Fostering Community and Sense of Belonging in Online Courses
    By Dr. Krista Terry & Dr. Brandy Bryson
  • The Power of Case Studies 
    By Dr. Carol Babyak
  • Inclusive Syllabus Design Framework
    By Dr. Elizabeth Bellows


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Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Library is meant as a resource for current and incoming faculty. Its intention is to promote information concerning issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic curricula and discourses. This catalog is an overview of articles that can be found in the DEI Library. 

Association of American College and Universities

  • A Vision for Equity
    • "A Vision for Equity addresses equity gaps at thirteen participating campuses. The book details evidence-based interventions focused on improving student success and includes practical examples, models, and resources for identifying and addressing disparities in student outcomes. The project and publication were funded by Strada Education Network and Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates."
  • Peer Review Spring 2017: Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence
    • "Since 1970, bachelor degree attainment among students from wealthy families nearly doubled, but it has barely changed for those from the poorest families. Sponsored by Strada Education Network and Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates, this issue details the action plans from thirteen institutions for enhancing student success and academic achievement, especially among underserved populations of low-income, first-generation and minority students, as well as adult learners."
  • Diversity & Democracy Winter 2018: Intersectionality and Well-Being
    • "As campus communities become increasingly diverse, it is crucial to building cultures in higher education that respect and support all aspects of students’ and educators’ multiple, intersecting identities. This issue of Diversity & Democracy, produced in partnership with Bringing Theory to Practice and funded in part by Bringing Theory to Practice and the Endeavor Foundation, examines how higher education institutions can take an intersectional approach to foster individual, community, and institutional well-being."
  • Liberal Education Summer/Fall 2017: Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Perspectives from Faculty Development
    • "This issue explores the role of faculty development in creating educational spaces that welcome students of all identities and encourage dialogue across perspectives. Also included are articles on intersectionality and liberal education, racial divides in the contemporary United States, student engagement in the 2016 election, cocurricular arts programming, and the public narrative about teaching and learning."

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