Academic Leadership Development Program

The Center for Academic Excellence supports the Chancellor's Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP). This program provides an opportunity for prospective and current academic leaders to develop skills necessary for academic leadership positions at Appalachian State University.


The mission of the Academic Leadership Development Program is to provide formal assistance and training to a diverse group of selected faculty and staff at Appalachian State University in their exploration and development of leadership capabilities. To this end, the program aims to provide a broad understanding of the constantly changing landscape of higher education as well as an overview of the administrative aspects specific to ASU and the North Carolina University System.


The vision of the Academic Leadership Development Program is to become a sustaining mechanism through which academic leadership at Appalachian State University is identified, broadened, strengthened and developed.


  • To allow faculty and staff to explore the requirements of academic leadership to determine if their interests and capabilities align;
  • To help faculty develop a support network of fellow administrators;
  • To educate future leaders as to the evolving nature of higher education;
  • To educate and train future academic leaders in the organizational structure, financing, and operations of ASU and the North Carolina University System; and
  • To become a means through which ASU's leadership culture is developed and enhanced.