Professional Development for Online Teaching

Fall 2019 Opportunities

The Center for Academic Excellence is pleased to offer the following professional development opportunities for our Appalachian faculty. Programs range from Teaching Squares Online to the Quality Matters course development program for the faculty member who is ready to take their course through an external review process, and many other possibilities in-between. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Beyond Quality Matters Offerings

‘Beyond Quality Matters’: Developing Meaningful Online Learning activities

beyond quality matters badgeThis self-paced/’lightly facilitated’ online course will engage faculty with opportunities to consider activities, strategies and tools that will provide opportunities for modeling and coaching, collaboration, and inquiry-based learning. (Available Nov. 1 -- in time to get some new activities prepped for spring semester). 

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Book Club: Small Teaching Online

Ssmall teaching online badgemall Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Courses focuses on the concept that making incremental, strategic changes have the potential to improve student engagement and learning.  The book provides best practice and research-based approaches to enhancing engagement, facilitating community, and encouraging collaboration in online courses.  Divided into three sections – ‘Designing for Learning’, ‘Teaching Humans’, and ‘Motivating Online Students (and Instructors)’, the book provides many ideas and approaches for enhancing online teaching and learning.

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Teaching Squares Online

teaching squares online badgeThe Center for Academic Excellence is offering a Teaching Square experience aimed at online teachers.  

What is a Teaching Square?

A square is made up of four faculty, sometimes from different disciplines.  The four faculty in each “teaching square” agree to visit each other’s classes one time over the course of a semester, and then meet to discuss what they’ve learned from their observations. They meet once as a group at the beginning to learn about the process, and then meet again after the observations to discuss what they have learned.

Online Teaching Squares

With Teaching Squares for online classes, classroom observations would be different. You would share a course site... 

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Quality Matters Courses

Designing Your Online Course workshop

qm badgeThe Designing Your Online Course workshop includes an overview of the QM Rubric and provides a framework for participants to design an online course plan. An integral element of the workshop is exploration of the eight General Standards of the QM Rubric, focusing on learning objectives and overall course alignment. Participants will complete a Course Development Plan.

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Improving Your Online Course workshop

qm improvement badgeThe Improving Your Online Course workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own online courses and develop a course improvement plan.

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Quality Matters - Peer Reviewer program

quality matters peer reviewer program badgeThe Center for Academic Excellence is looking to grow our Quality Matters Peer Reviewers for campus.  

What is a Peer Reviewer?

As a reviewer, you provide important feedback on how a course can be improved to meet QM Standards. You become a crucial part of the QM quality assurance process and, in turn, make a real difference in online learning.  As a peer reviewer, you will be committing to help the CAE team review courses from across the campus and providing supportive, constructive feedback to the course developer along with the rest of the peer review team.

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Teaching Online Certificate - Quality Matters Series

tocThe QM Teaching Online Certificate enables instructors to demonstrate their knowledge mastery of online teaching.

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) will choose up to 12 faculty to participate in this fully online series of workshops.

  • CAE pays for the registration cost, plus a stipend for participants who complete the certificate program.
  • Seven courses comprise the certificate program (approximately 80 - 90 hours).
  • CAE Instructional Technologists are available for assistance throughout.

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Quality Matters Course Certification Program

quality mattersDesigned for the faculty member who has been teaching online for several years and is ready to take his or her course to the next step.

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) will choose up to 6 faculty to participate in the Quality Matters Course Certification Program.

  • CAE pays for an external QM review plus a stipend for completion.
  • Faculty are equipped and empowered to develop high-quality online or blended courses in 12 weeks (approximately 60 hours).
  • Faculty learn to develop online courses in accordance to Quality Matters (QM) standards.

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