Active Learning Classrooms

In an active-learning classroom, or ALC, students engage in collaboration, problem-­­ solving, listening and discussion. Unlike traditional classrooms, these rooms put students at the center, often seated together around tables featuring connections to shared displays.  Currently, Appalachian State University has (7) of these ALCs across campus (see images below). 

In an effort to continue to grow the number of Active Learning Classrooms, the Learning Spaces Advisory group is coordinating with the ITS Class Tech Team and the College Deans for funding, planning and implementation of 1-2 ALCs installed per academic year.  The associated costs for an ALC are $35,000 - $75,000 dependent on costs for furniture, technologies, and other room considerations.  The Learning Spaces Advisory Group has created an ALC request form for the College Deans to request a space consideration for a new ALC.  The Learning Spaces Advisory Group will look at all requests and set priorities based on needs - including space and technology requirements - as well as available funding. 


Anne Belk Hall Room 108 (open for faculty and staff to schedule to bring their classes, contact Darrell Laws for more information)

Anne Belk ALC 108


Anne Belk Hall Room 236 (History Department)

Anne Belk ALC 236

Anne Belk Hall Room 240 (History Department)

Anne Belk 240

Reich College of Education - Room 134 (Converted student lab)

RCOE 134 ALC picture


Walker Hall (Converted student lab)

Walker ALC

Leon Levine 233 (College of Health Sciences)

Levine Active Learning Classroom 233

Leon Levine 255 (College of Health Sciences)

Levine ALC 255

Leon Levine 258 (College of Health Sciences)

Levine ALC 258


Leon Levine 319 (College of Health Sciences)

Levine ALC 319