Classroom upgrades - Analog to Digital Conversion

One of our continued goals for Learning Spaces across campus is room upgrades from existing older analog technologies to newer digital technologies.  We realize this is a pain point for campus, and it can be frustrating for our faculty, staff and students to try to use some of this older equipment with a newer laptop.  Almost 1/3 of our rooms - about 125 classrooms - are still analog, so our classtech team is working hard to get these rooms upgraded.  It costs about $8,000 per room to do a complete upgrade, so the goal is to upgrade around 50 rooms per academic year. 

Here is the list of all analog rooms across campus: 

In an effort to be open and transparent in the upgrade process, and to help us set priorities for campus, there is a request form for department chairs to use to request a room upgrade for their area.  The Learning Spaces Advisory group will look at all requests and make our best effort to accommodate as many requests as possible each year.  We will also communicate what rooms will be upgraded each fiscal year, and keep the list up-to-date.

Request form for Analog to Digital room upgrade: