Digital Badges

Digital badges provide another way to represent accomplishments in skills, learning, and career development for faculty, staff and students. The CAE is working with a group of faculty and staff to support digital badging efforts through AsULearn.

Though we're in the early stages of growth, badges earned in AsULearn can be exported to OpenBadges and other online platforms and have been utilized by Appalachian's Human Resources department, The James Center, and courses using A-Portfolio.

When creating digital badges in the AsULearn environment, there are many options to consider. In order to best support our campus badging efforts and collect the necessary information, we have created a form to request the creation of a badge. If you are interested in implementing a badging program, submit a Badge Creation Request.

A few questions to consider before requesting a badge:

  • What skill or accomplishment does this badge represent?
  • What criteria has a learner met to earn a badge? What did the individual have to do to get the badge? 
  • Is a badge appropriate for this skill/accomplishment? Are there currently other methods to credential this skill?

 Learn more about badging and microcredentialing:

Exporting Badges from AsULearn

Currently, Moodle (AsULearn) can export badges to a Badgr external backpack. The following steps provide the path for exporting badges from AsULearn to Badgr. Please note, the Badgr platform and website are not managed by Appalachian State. It is an external service that undergoes changes and upgrades without notification.



badge preferences

  • Select Preferences under the user menu
  • Badge preferences
    • Make sure Automatically show badges I earn on my profile page is enabled
  • Backpack settings
    • Backpack connection: Connect to Backpack account
    • Badge import settings: Select the collection from your Backpack account to display on AsULearn
  • Manage badges
    • Under My badges on AsULearn web site, click the bag icon under the badge, then click send to send it to the Backpack account
    • In Backpack, drag the badge from My Badges block to the Collection block