Qualtrics is a research suite for an enterprise online survey software solution that empowers you to collect, analyze and act on relevant data. Help is embedded on the site with links to online training videos. ASU has a branded domain installation of Qualtrics which you will access using the link at the start of this paragraph. 

NOTE: The first time you log into the ASU Qualtrics site you may be prompted whether you have a pre-existing account with Qualtrics.

  • If you have not created an account through the web site using your email address, click NO to this prompt and your ASU account will be initialized. 
  • If you do have a Qualtrics account set up outside the domain and have used your email address, click YES. You should be prompted to walk you through managing these accounts. If you need help, contact a Support resource below.
  • If you have a Qualtrics account set up using a personal email address, you can still log into that account on the web site and share content between accounts.


Campus access to the SelectSurvey (SS) web survey software is being phased out in favor of Qualtrics, licensed by the university in September 2014. All new surveys should be created using Qualtrics, and any SS surveys intended for future use should be recreated in Qualtrics. Note that there is no way to directly move a survey from SelectSurvey into Qualtrics. Migration of surveys should be planned well ahead of your next distribution.


For help with survey applications contact Mark Suggs ( or the ASU Help Desk (262-6266).