Video Support

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) consultants have experience using the following video/lecture/desktop capture and sharing tools in instructional settings:


Panopto is primarily a lecture capture tool, used to record physical class meetings or lectures, various video and audio inputs, presentation materials, and to share the resulting aggregated video with students in a very secure environment. It is integrated in AsuLearn (just add the Panopto block). It is also available via single-sign-on.


Installing the Screencast-o-matic Pro Recorder:

Screencast-o-matic is a simple and intuitive video recording and editing web-based tool.  The Pro Recorder service is now available to our campus community.  Login to the service via using your Appstate credentials. 

Once you logged in there, look for your user id account listing in the upper right hand corner.

Click to download the software.
Click the "I Have a Team Plan" option
Access URL: appstate

You can upload the recording to your Mountaineer Apps YouTube account, and share the link in AsULearn or other environments.


Every user at Appalachian has a YouTube channel associated with their Mountaineer Apps account. This service is used to share video content created in other applications such as those listed above, and provides a YouTube link that may be placed in AsULearn or other environments.


Please contact one of our instructional technologists if you need any help!