Instructional Technology Consultations

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is more than a teaching and learning center; it is a group of peers dedicated to growing and supporting academic excellence for our university community. CAE strives to support with equal vigor the success and productivity of the teacher-scholars of Appalachian State University. 

 CAE provides consultations on every element of faculty development, including pedagogical topics, the scholarship of teaching and learning, research, learning technology, and professional development.

Our Instructional Technology Consultants can:

  • Provide insights about the technology that is most suitable for the type of learning and course delivery whether traditional classroom, online, or blended format
  • Increase student collaboration through the use of online communications tools and group activities
  • Assist in developing learning objectives and determining how to align those objectives with appropriate assessment strategies to measure the desired learning outcomes
  • Relate effective ways of motivating and engaging students in activities designed for learning
  • Inform faculty about some of the technology tools currently available at Appalachian State University

We are here to help. Please feel welcome in our tailored programs and workshops and also in our offices for confidential consultations. Consultations are typically face-to-face but can also be done over the phone or by email if necessary. The CAE staff are eager to collaborate with you about your challenges and solutions.