Online Course Development

We assist faculty in finding the best mix of instructional technologies and methods to enhance teaching and learning. Our staff have broad experience with effective methodologies for traditional classroom environments, as well as innovative approaches to using the latest in educational technology in hybrid and online courses.

Workflow for online course development

Online course development may be new for many faculty members.  The CAE team is here to help.  

Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM) is a research-based national benchmark aimed at improving student learning experiences in online programs and courses. The QM curriculum

  • Introduces faculty to best practices in instructional design
  • Provides rubrics for assessing online course design
  • Outlines a peer-review process for continuous improvement of online and hybrid courses

Quality Matters certified CAE staff facilitate the QM program on our campus, which serves as a method for quality assurance of online course design. QM does not evaluate online teaching, nor is it an evaluation of the online instructor; it is focused solely on the design of the course.

View a detailed introduction to QM and resources.