Adobe Spark serves as a useful tool to engage students.

Adobe Spark has emerged as a relatively easy to use presentation tool that can be used by instructors and students to create attractive and engaging short videos, web pages, or blog posts. Multiple examples of Spark presentations can be viewed in the Gallery. Instructors can use Spark for promotional and instructional content. Students can use Spark to make class presentations.

Even though the quality of Spark presentations can appear to be professionally created, they are actually very easy to create by anyone through the use of templates and public image libraries. Spark even makes it easy to cite others copyrighted works.

Anyone can use the free version of Spark. Faculty and staff have access to a few enhanced features by accessing Spark through the Adobe Creative Cloud license at AppState.  A quick tutorial created using Spark explains how AppState faculty and staff can launch Spark using the Creative Cloud. 

The following example prenetations have been created using Spark as examples for faculty:

Faculty and staff can learn more about Spark by attending a workshop. Please check the schedule for upcomming offerings.  If you have suggestions, ideas, or questions about using Spark in your classroom you can contact me by email at

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Published: Apr 25, 2018 9:44am