AsULearn Spring 2020 Updates

The spring update to AsULearn included lots of enhancements and several new features.


  • Whole forum grading has been added to allow the assessment of forum discussions using simple or advanced grading.
  • Forum discussions can be exported and a detailed summary report of student activity viewed.
  • New discussions and replies can be added inline, for faster and easier access.
  • Discussions can be starred and sorted.
  • Teachers can add private replies in a forum and can manually lock discussions.


  • Warning emails can be automatically sent to students whose attendance percentage falls below a configured amount.
  • Attendance can be taken directly from the AsULearn mobile app.


Quiz essay attachments submitted by students as responses to essay questions can now be easily downloaded for review.

Metagroup sync

Course meta links automatically sync their enrollments to the specified group in the metacourse. Use the new metagroup sync feature to keep the main metacourse enrollments synced to their designated metagroup.


Use the styles button in the Atto editor to apply popular (and accessible!) formatting to your content. Available styles include primary (blue) and warning (yellow) badges, success (green) and warning (yellow) bars, and lead (larger) and primary (blue) text. Let us know if there are other Bootstrap badges, alerts, or utilities you would like to be made available.


In response to overwhelming feedback about the need to make navigating AsULearn simpler, the AsULearn Sites menu was added in the navigation bar at the top of every page. The menu can be used to quickly and easily access other AsULearn sites, such as AsULearn-2018-19 (2018-19 academic year courses), AsULearn-Projects (committee and learning resource courses), and AsULearn-Global (courses with users not enrolled at Appalachian).

Keep an eye on the Appalachian Technology Knowledge Base for updated information on how to use these new features!

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Published: Jun 8, 2020 2:29pm