Google Jamboards

Jamboard is a Google tool that allows users to creatively organize, format, and present information through text, images, shapes, and drawings.

Jamboard falls under the category of virtual whiteboards – allowing users to write, draw, and erase like a traditional whiteboard, but also it features added digital functions (e.g., importing from Google Search, Google Drive, or Google Photos). Users can collaborate on the same Jamboard slide from separate devices, making this a community-centered tool. Up to 50 separate Google accounts can be added as collaborators on a single jam. Jamboard can help faculty gain knowledge on what their students are comprehending in real-time. It is a great tool for collaboration in in-person, online, synchronous, and asynchronous settings. 

5 Reasons to Use Google Jamboard

  1. Jamboard offers a variety of easy-to-use editing and annotation features.
  2. Stock backgrounds for a variety of purposes
    In addition to the default white frame, Jamboard users can select from six different frame background options depending on their needs: dots, rules, squares, graph, blue, and chalkboard. Each frame can be customized with its own background, if needed.
  3. Up to 20 Frames per Jam
    Each jam supports the addition of up to twenty frames. You can have 20 groups working simultaneously on 20 different frames to monitor group work, or you can have each group work on their own jam if they need multiple frames to do their work. Frames can be previewed, added, deleted, duplicated, or dragged and dropped in whatever sequence you need.
  4. Customizable Sharing and Access Permissions
    Jams can be shared via a direct link in a variety of ways depending on your needs. The default option is to have jam links Restricted, which means only people who are added by the owner of the file can access the link. You can also open up settings to Appalachian State University, where anyone with ASU login can view/edit. You can also select the 'Anyone with a Link' option, if you want to allow easy access for particpants.
  5. Exportability and Cloud Storage
    At any time, you can download as PDF to save your entire jam, or Save frame as image to save specific frames as a PNG file. Jams are automatically stored in your Google Drive and can be organized into folders like any other Google file type (i.e. Docs, Sheets, and Slides).  You can also make a copy of any jam, which will be automatically saved to your Google Drive.

Get Started with Google Jamboard Help Page

Google Jamboard
Published: Jun 21, 2021 2:58pm