Inside Belk Library’s New Video Room

Two of the main barriers for faculty creating media for their courses has often been the setup and the space.

Getting the right equipment, setting it up in an appropriate space and then learning to run it can feel daunting. A lot of instructors want to create nice videos for their course, but don’t want to have to devote hours to learning to run the equipment. Oftentimes, instructors opt to create a quick video from the webcam on their computers, and do the best they can.

But now our friends at the library have an option that is designed to be both easy to use and results in professional looking videos. There’s a new video room on the bottom floor of Belk Library.

Although it's not yet ready for sign-up, this new video room will soon be available to book by any AppState faculty, staff or students. This dedicated space is the perfect place to create a few videos for a course or a webpage. The room will operate under a self-service model, but the team in the library has taken a lot of time to consider how to make this an easy three-step process.

The Library Tech Services team was nice enough to give me a quick tour and allowed me to test it out with one of our intrepid faculty members from nursing.  Dr. Susan Lane met us and took it for a testdrive to make a short video.


Susan Lane - Department of Nursing

The whole process from start to finish is designed to be just a matter of pushing a few buttons for a simple video. Below is an image of the setup with the buttons and the USB port to plug your flashdrive into*. In the end, Susan walked out with a great looking video without a lot of hassle associated with equipment and production.

three buttons

 While I could tell you about the touchscreen monitor, the green screen and the teleprompter,  that might take focus away from how easy this experience is designed to be.

video room

I’m excited to see options like this becoming available for our faculty, and I’d encourage you to check this out next time you’re in the library.

*Bring your own USB flashdrive or you can buy one in the library.

Published: Feb 8, 2018 8:51am