Introducing H5P

Last April I posted on the upcoming improvement to the dashboard in AsULearn. It covered what I thought was the biggest change to AsULearn, but it wasn’t the biggest improvement to the teaching tools in AsULearn this upgrade. That would be H5P, which is a Moodle plugin with a lot of potential for giving instructors additional ways to engage learners in the course using H5P content types.

H5P stands for HTML5 Package, and it’s an open source platform for building and sharing interactive educational content. However, what it is doesn’t matter as much as what it can do.

With the H5P content types we’ve currently added to AsULearn an instructor can…

  • Build in low-stakes questions in a course for formative assessment

  • Attach questions and/or create interactive elements to YouTube videos
    (not just your YT videos but also those available on the site)

  • Create a course presentation with interactive slides

  • Create flashcards for course content

  • Easily download and share H5P content with colleagues

Getting Started

Of course it’s always a good plan to contact your friendly-neighborhood ITC before getting too deeply into the weeds, but for those interested in kicking the tires, the “Interactive Content” activity can be found in your Activity Chooser.

activity chooser

Once you the activity to your course you’ll find options for content types available in the editor.

H5p menu

Click on the Details button (seen in the above) and you’ll get the brief overview from H5P.

content type


Click on the Content Demo to go to the H5P page to read more.

Add the content type and begin building your interactive content for your course with no coding necessary. Just be aware that graded H5P activities write to the gradebook and you’d want to plan for that before utilizing this tool in a live course with students.

That said, this might be a very appealing option for faculty looking to add a little more interactivity to their course content.

Show and Tell

I’ve included a few screenshots below from my journey with H5P.

A multiple-choice question that pops up during my YouTube video:


A “Fill in the words” slide that is part of an interactive presentation.

fill in the words

A flashcard activity where students fill in the correct term in the blank provided.


Published: Jun 25, 2019 11:41am