It's raining good news for online teaching this week at App!

It’s satisfying when hard work pays off, and we’re kicking up our heels a little over here in the Center with two big payoffs to announce this week!

One: we’ve just gotten word that the first of six online courses in review from App has officially achieved Quality Matters certification, no small feat. Authored by Dr. Jennifer Luetkemeyer of the Reich College of Education’s Library Science program, the course is the first of its kind at Appalachian and one of only 45 in the UNC system!

Five more certifications are expected shortly from faculty members across campus and the CAE team, a big leap forward for our campus. Stay tuned as we celebrate those.

"The process of preparing my course for the QM review was intense and time-consuming," said Dr. Luetkemeyer. "But it was ultimately beneficial in that it forced me to take a look at what my course design was communicating to students." 

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Quality Matters (QM) is a two-decades-old nonprofit committed to online teaching quality assurance. As of this year, North Carolina is considered a “QM State" along with California, Michigan and Ohio, with the UNC system officially recognizing Quality Matters as its rubric of choice for quality online teaching. 

And two: App is getting international attention this week in a new article on the Quality Matters website. The article describes yet another effort underway toward online teaching excellence: 16 faculty are just finishing a pilot run of the 11-week QM “Teaching Online Certificate” series as a single-university cohort -- a new trend for QM that will mean great things for campus. 

Want in on the next round? More professional development offerings for quality online teaching are always in the works with CAE. Contact your IT Consultant to learn more!

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Published: Apr 25, 2019 7:43pm