OLC Innovate 2021

The Center for Academic Excellence has purchased an institutional registration for OLC Innovate 2021. OLC Innovate 2021 will be a virtual-only event running from March 15-19.  

This year the conference will offer deep-dive experiences through summits, including the Community College, HBCU, K-12, Instructional Design, International, OLC Leadership Network Event, and Research Summits. The themes this year have been updated to incorporate the critical shifts happening in the educational arena, and include focus areas on lifelong learning, leadership and advocacy, open learning, and more.

Track themes for OLC Innovate 2021 include:

  • Blended Teaching and Learning

  • Career and Technical Education

  • Instructional Technologies and Tools

  • Leadership and Advocacy

  • Open Learning

  • Process, Problems, and Practices

  • Research: Designs, Methods, and Findings

  • Teaching and Learning Practice

Presentation formats for this year’s call for proposals included: 

  • Education Session

  • Conversation, Not Presentation

  • Discovery Session

  • Graduate Student Discovery Session

  • Innovation Studio Design Thinking Challenge

  • Workshop

  • Career Forum Roundtable

If you have questions about registration or the conference, contact Emory Maiden at maidenev3@appstate.edu.

OLC Innovate 2021 logo
Published: Feb 4, 2021 12:44pm