PollEverywhere: Available Now for Faculty

This semester, the Center for Academic Excellence is supporting an AppState campus license for the PollEverywhere application. PollEverywhere is a platform for interactive and live polls, surveys, Q&As, and word clouds which can be incorporated into Powerpoint, Keynote, Google slides, as well as AsULearn. Students can submit their responses on phones, laptops, and other mobile devices, no clickers or other materials are needed! It is a great tool to encourage student engagement, get live feedback, and create graded assignments. 

3 Reasons To Use PollEverywhere

  1. Student Engagement. PollEverywhere is great for encouraging engagement and insights from every student in the classroom. It can be used for fun icebreaker activities, questions relating to the understanding of the course materials, and more! The different types of questions offered such as open-ended questions, surveys, word clouds, and competitions allow for creativity and a more engaged classroom environment. 

  2. Feedback. Through PollEverywhere, professors also have the opportunity to gain live feedback from students in the classroom. It can be used to gain insight on how informative and engaging the lesson was, as well as any questions or concerns that students may have. 

  3. Graded Assignments. PollEverywhere also has features that allow professors to create graded quizzes and questions.The grades can then be easily transferred to the AsULearn gradebook. 

PollEverywhere can be used in any classroom setting including on-campus, online, or through Zoom. 

In addition, there will be a PollEverywhere workshop for AppState faculty on September 8 from 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm. If you have questions about PollEverywhere please submit a service request (log-in) required, contact Jeff Church at churchjw@appstate.edu, or follow up with your college IT consultant. 

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Published: Aug 20, 2021 10:38am