QM Certifications in the WCOB

Quality Matters is a nationally-recognized, faculty-driven peer review process which is used to ensure the quality of online and blended course design. The process for becoming certified includes designing an online course based on the official QM rubric and standards. At the time of publication, App State has nineteen courses that have been Quality Matters-certified. Seven of those certified courses are in the online MBA program where faculty began the course development process back in the spring of 2020. 

During this course development process, faculty members have worked collaboratively with the CAE, and a faculty coach, to make improvements to their courses to meet QM standards. “It’s been a team effort, “ says Emory Maiden, acting Director of Learning Technology Services. “The leadership in the COB has been very supportive of our efforts, and the faculty have worked hard on their courses.” Greg Simmons, who is the lead Instructional Technology Consultant and a QM-certified Peer Reviewer added, “The CAE would also like to thank Dr. Jason Xiong of CIS (the faculty QM coach) for his support, and for reviewing/testing the course revisions during the amendment process.” In addition to the courses already certified, under the continuing leadership of Dr. Lakshmi Iyer (Associate Dean of Graduate Programs) and Dr. Neel Das (Director of MBA program), the COB plans to have four more courses certified by the end of the spring semester.

While we celebrate the COB’s QM-certified courses, every college at AppState has had a course certified by QM, and AppState continues to offer interested faculty the opportunity to learn more about Quality Matters. Whether it’s Quality Matters, OTEI (Online Teaching Excellence Institute) or other options, the CAE is committed to supporting faculty as they develop high-quality courses and grow in their online teaching. 

Faculty who are interested in learning more about Quality Matters or the course review process at AppState should contact Emory Maiden.

Published: Nov 2, 2021 1:21pm