What we’re working on in 2019: Mobile AsULearn

In an effort to meet the evolving needs of our students, our Learning Technology Services department is piloting the use of a mobile app for use with AsULearn. This app, available on both Android and iOs devices, provides a better experience assessing courses and activities on AsULearn.

In a survey sent out to students last semester regarding AsULearn, ninety-two percent of the nearly two thousand who responded indicated they would be interesting in using a mobile app with AsULearn. Then, the majority of our students in our very limited beta pilot indicated this was worth pursuing.

Therefore this spring, eighteen instructors from a variety of colleges have agreed to extend this pilot to their classes. In the meantime our team is working on a true “AsULearn” app which we hope to deploy for the summer. Early returns have been positive, and we hope to provide more and better ways for our AppState students to engage with course content and connect with their peers and instructors.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the spring pilot, contact your college’s Instructional Technology Consultant.

Published: Jan 18, 2019 1:34pm