Series: Preparing Manuscripts & Theses

This series of workshops is designed to help you complete a paper, thesis, dissertation, or manuscript to meet the requirements of the school or publisher using Microsoft Word or for self-publishing. Parts 1 and 2 are usually scheduled together throughout the year. Part 3 will be scheduled upon request (if you are working on a thesis using the template, you may not need to attend the third workshop, which will focus on features used for managing long documents like manuals and other manuscripts).

It is recommended that you take the workshops in order. The workshop series will be offered throughout the year, and you can take the individual workshops anytime they are scheduled (you don't have to attend all the workshops at the times they are scheduled together).

NOTE: Google Docs is not a suitable word processor for creating a document as complex as a Master's Thesis or for publishing as a professional document. Any text you may have in Google Docs can be copied into a Word document. Google Docs does have a basic Styles feature.

Register for each workshop separately by clicking the links in the titles below. If there is no Register button at the bottom of the screen, no section for the workshop is currently scheduled.

The topics covered in each workshop include:

Pt 1. Saving Time With Styles (2-3 hrs)

  • What are styles?
  • Applying styles
  • Creating and modifying styles (if time remains, we may start on topics from part 2)

Pt 2. General Approach, Format, Structure (2-3 hrs)

  • Using the thesis template
  • Composing the text
  • Rules of thumb
  • Helpful tools
  • Options and settings
  • Document structure and sections
  • Page numbering
  • Basic table of contents
  • Table of figures with captions

Pt 3. Automate, Collaborate, Publish (2-3 hrs)

  • Word processing and publishing terms
  • Custom table of contents
  • Cross references
  • More about sections, headers/footers
  • Track changes and commenting
  • Indexing
  • Generating a PDF


  • Experience with the latest version of Microsoft Word