Classroom Observation

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) will assist faculty with the implementation of teaching technology by providing classroom observations and assistance. This process takes a 3 step approach:

Step 1

Preliminary discussion and design

During this step, the faculty and the CAE consultant will discuss the technology, do training on how it can it can be used, and strategize how the technology fits into the faculties' pedagogy. This step often takes multiple meetings. The faculty and the consultant will also discuss the purpose of the classroom observation for the faculty member and plan the logistics of the visit.

Step 2

Classroom observation

For this stage, the CAE consultant will attend the class session. The class can be either a face-to-face class meeting or an online synchronous session, such as a Zoom meeting. The parameters of the interaction with the students by the CAE consultant should be discussed in step 1.

Step 3

Follow-up meeting

After the classroom observation, the faculty and CAE consultant will meet to discuss how the implementation went and to identify adjustments or suggestions that may help in the context of the class and student group. Keep in mind that not all suggestions of "good practice" fit in all settings and all classes; it is up to the faculty to make the final decision on what to implement in the class.

These steps are an iterative process and are, therefore, often repeated.


Classroom observations can be arranged with a colleague from CAE. Please contact us either centrally or individually in the Center for Academic Excellence to arrange for someone to come and observe one of your classes.