Tiered Feedback Learning Community

Do you want an innovative way to assess your students' thinking, but have a large class size? Are you struggling with grading student work  and want an easier/more efficient way to grade? Or do you want to try a more complex assignment and drop those multiple choice tests because you thought that's all the time you had to grade for a large class?  This online community sponsored by College STAR may be what you're looking for! Learn how much more efficient and effective your grading can be beginning Spring 2017!

Sign up  through OFE and begin brainstorming about which class and assignment you might want to redesign utilizing the Tiered Feedback System! 

The Tiered Feedback System

College Star logoDr. Lindsay Masland's (Psychology) Tiered Feedback System not only helps students achieve better grades, but also serves as an efficient way where equal time and effort is given into each assignment from both the student and the teacher.

Tier 1: Each student receives a rubric which contains both quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Tier 2: If the student is not sure how to improve on this assignment and needs more feedback, Dr. Masland then gives an annotated feedback, where she explains what areas the student earned and lost points.

Tier 3: Lastly, if the student still needs further assistance after receiving feedback from Tier 2, Dr. Masland sits down one-on-one with them to make an overall assignment plan.

Check out Dr. Masland's video on the Tiered Feedback System