Online Course Evaluations

Following pilots of different products, Appalachian State University selected CoursEval as our online course evaluation tool. If your department is interested in using CoursEval, please email Tom Van Gilder or Mary Beth McKee at this address.

Project Goals

The online course evaluation project aims to:

  • Provide interested departments with a common online evaluation tool
  • Provide real-time turn around access to course evaluation data
  • Present course evaluation data in easily understandable reports
  • Promise student anonymity in reporting

Reasons Transition to Online Course Evaluations

  • Lower turnaround time to deliver results to faculty
  • Going green – cutting down on paper
  • Increased ability to perform statistical analyses with course evaluation data
  • Protecting student anonymity – no chance for recognizing handwriting

Strategies for Improving Response Rates

  • Tell students their opinions are valued and expected.
  • Provide time in class for students to complete the online evaluation. Giving time in class reinforces the notion that course evaluations are important. Students bring devices to class and can use them to take the survey.
  • Remind students their responses are anonymous.
  • Halfway through with less than 75% response rate? Email your students, tell them how important it is for the credibility of the results that every student participate.
  • Add Online Course Evaluation block or URL link to AsULearn site.

Departments electing to participate in the pilot agree to the core questions, but departments have the ability add any additional questions they choose. The core questions may or may not be used in the future, if a product is formally adopted for the campus. The core questions were incorporated simply to test the capability of the software to implement campus questions for all participants.

Common questions

Common questions used for all courses participating in the project

  • Select (from strongly disagree, disagree, neutral agree, and strongly agree)
    • Overall, I consider this individual to be an effective instructor.
    • Overall, this course was a valuable learning experience for me.
    • The instructor provided timely evaluation of student work.
    • The instructor was available to students for help and support.
    • The course contributed to my knowledge of/skills in the subject matter.
  • Open ended
    • What were your instructor's strengths?
    • How could your instructor improve his/her teaching?