Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms, also called Pineapple Classroom, is a system where teachers can invite one another into their classrooms for informal observation. 

Opening your classroom provides a way for faculty to share teaching methods and techniques with other faculty in the Appalachian community.  For the month of November, we are piloting an open classroom initiative , led by (5) faculty members at Appalachian State University: Lillian Goudas, Lindsay Masland, Jeff Goodman, Sarah Greenwald, and Nickolas Jordan.  These five faculty members invite you to their classroom.   Observing an open classroom provides a way to learn about the teaching innovation strategies other faculty on campus are using. 

Participating in Open Classrooms is another opportunity for collaboration - learning new ways of teaching, discussing challenges and solutions - sharing experiences with each other. The Open Classroom initiative provides another opportunity to learn and grow, continuing on the path of academic excellence.  

Review the Open Classroom calendar below,  and click the link for more information and details. If you see a class of interest, go to that classroom at the designated time, sit or stand in an out-of-the-way spot, and watch.  Please note that some faculty members may want an email to let them know you may be attending, just to make sure it's not a test day or some other reason that particular day may be less suitable for observation.

We hope that this open classroom initiative becomes a standing program/ professional development opportunity for our campus.  If you have any questions or comments on this initiative, please contact Tom Van Gilder at 6731 or