Previous Course ReDesign Institutes

2019 Course ReDesign Institute

During the week of May 17th-20th, the Course ReDesign Institute provided faculty members and instructors the opportunity to design or substantially redesign their courses to promote significant long-term learning. After completing the face-to-face portion of the Institute, participants submitted a revised Course Design Plan for review to the Course ReDesign Facilitators. Out of the sixteen faculty members who were accepted into the Institute, thirteen faculty members and instructors successfully designed or redesign their course that met Course Design Plan requirements and expectations.

2016 Course ReDesign Institute

During the summer of 2016, the fifth annual Course (Re)Design Institute provided faculty across campus the opportunity to learn best practices on how to successfully redesign their courses and syllabi to create a more inclusive learning experience for their students.

2015 Course ReDesign Institute

Some 26 faculty members at Appalachian State wouldn’t have any trouble writing an essay on how they spent their summer.  They were busy infusing new energy into a course they had identified earlier in the year as a target for redesign. Their efforts weren’t undertaken in a vacuum, however, because they were all participants in Appalachian’s Course (Re)Design Institute sponsored by the Hubbard Programs for Faculty Excellence as part of the College Star component B program supporting faculty.