Exploring Digital Literacy

Exploring Digital Literacy AppLC

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A new Appalachian Learning Community (AppLC) has been established to explore digital literacy, which is emerging as a strategic direction and core competency at many universities.

Increasingly, as faculty and students are immersed in digital content, tools, and products, they require more sophisticated understandings and skills to navigate, evaluate, and participate in digital and civic spaces. A number of frameworks and approaches related to digital literacy have emerged that could inform the teaching, research, and learning efforts at our university. Our learning community will build individual and collective knowledge of those who are ready to learn and develop means to advance digital literacy at Appalachian State University.

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Purpose and Outcome of Learning Community:

  • Develop models in digital literacy
  • Develop and implement a survey to determine whether and how digital literacy is included in courses and programs at Appalachian State University
  • Facilitate connections to increase opportunities for communicationcollaboration, and professional development/learning.
  • Identify means to grow digital literacy across campus