Teaching Squares

What are Teaching Squares?

  • Teaching Squares is a program designed to help you gain insights for improving your teaching.
  • The four faculty in a square visit each other's classrooms during the course of one semester and meet to discuss what was learned from their observations.
  • This program consists of reciprocal, non-evaluative observations and self-reflection based on peer feedback.
  • Teaching Squares are offered in both face-to-face and for online courses.

What are the benefits of Teaching Squares?

  • Try new instructional approaches and receive feedback.
  • Gather ideas from your peers for improving your own instruction.
  • Work with instructors across colleges, departments, and disciplines to strengthen teaching and learning

What is the Teaching Squares commitment?

  • Participate in a kick-off meeting and meet your Teaching Squares peers.
  • Participate in three reciprocal observation rounds. Each round will take approximately two weeks. You will teach, observe, and provide feedback during each round.
  • Participate in a Teaching Squares group sharing session at the end of the semester.

Teaching Squares

For more information on Teaching Squares, please visit our CAE Teaching Squares Program website.

For more information about face-to-face Teaching Squares, please contact Susan Colby at colbysa@appstate.edu.

For more information about online Teaching Squares, please contact Derek Eggers at eggersdc@appstate.edu.