Universal Design for Learning at AppState

Universal Design for Learning at AppState

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at Appalachian State University educates faculty members about learning differences and implementing teaching strategies that enhance all students' learning by incorporating UDL Principles. Faculty have access to UDL related workshops and seminars, along with our annual Course Re-Design

To participate in any of these activities, please contact our UDL Coordinator Lillian Nave at navely@appstate.edu.

UDL Guidelines

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) helps educators provide a framework for understanding how to create curricula that meet the needs of all learners from the start. The UDL Guidelines can assist anyone who teaches a course or develops curricula (goals, methods, materials, and assessments) to meet the needs of all learner.

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UDL Faculty Modules

These modules provide examples of best teaching practices that originate from the voices and experiences of students on Appalachian’s campus. Through a survey, Appalachian students are asked to identify and describe examples of effective teaching practices, strategies, resources and routines used by faculty members across campus.

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UDL in Action

Many of our faculty on campus employ excellent teaching strategies. Students respond to these engaging and effective teachers and tell us how these teachers foster their learning. Learn more about our featured faculty who truly are College STARs in the classroom! 



UDL in Higher Education

There are many ways to learn about UDL in Higher Education.  Here we have curated a few sources to introduce you to what Universal Design for Learning is and why it matters.   

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Think UDL

ThinkUDL is a podcast about Universal Design for Learning where we hear from the people who are designing and implementing strategies in post-secondary settings with learner variability in mind. ThinkUDL is particularly attuned to global application and workforce readiness, along with authentic application in higher education.

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UDL Workshops

The Center for Academic Excellence features a series of workshops focused on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The goals of these workshops are to assist faculty in creating better learning environments for all learners by demonstrating new and alternative ways to present information and engage students in the classrooms.

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