Quality Matters Courses

Designing Your Online Course workshop

qm designing your online courseOnline Course

The Designing Your Online Course workshop includes an overview of the QM Rubric and provides a framework for participants to design an online course plan. An integral element of the workshop is exploration of the eight General Standards of the QM Rubric, focusing on learning objectives and overall course alignment. Participants will complete a Course Development Plan.

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Improving Your Online Course workshop

qm improving your online course

Online Course

The Improving Your Online Course workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own online courses and develop a course improvement plan.

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Quality Matters - Peer Reviewer program

quality matters peer reviewer programOnline Course

The Center for Academic Excellence is looking to grow our Quality Matters Peer Reviewers for campus. As a reviewer, you provide important feedback on how a course can be improved to meet QM Standards. You become a crucial part of the QM quality assurance process and, in turn, make a real difference in online learning.

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Teaching Online Certificate - Quality Matters Series

qm teaching online certificate

Online Course

The QM Teaching Online Certificate enables instructors to demonstrate their knowledge mastery of online teaching. The CAE will choose up to 12 faculty to participate in this fully online series of workshops.

  • CAE pays for the registration cost, plus a stipend for participants who complete the certificate program.
  • Seven courses comprise the certificate program (approximately 80 - 90 hours).
  • CAE Instructional Technologists are available for assistance throughout.

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Quality Matters Course Certification Program

quality matters course certification program

Online Program

Designed for the faculty member who has been teaching online for several years and is ready to take his or her course to the next step. The CAE)will choose up to 6 faculty to participate in the Quality Matters Course Certification Program.

  • CAE pays for an external QM review plus a stipend for completion.
  • Faculty are equipped and empowered to develop high-quality online or blended courses in 12 weeks (approximately 60 hours).
  • Faculty learn to develop online courses in accordance with Quality Matters (QM) standards.

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Quality Matters Course Reviews

The CAE can assist with three kinds of QM reviews:

  • Self-review: The Self-Review tool allows instructors to evaluate their own course for improvement using QM standards.
  • Internal review: An internal course review is conducted by one of our campus QM Certified Peer Reviewers using a modified QM rubric. This review can be used to improve course design and prepare a course for an official QM review.
  • QM Official Course Review: The course is reviewed by a team consisting of three QM Certified Peer Reviewers from other institutions. A course becomes QM-Certified once it meets QM Rubric Standards at the 85% threshold or better and meets all Essential Standards. Upon completion, the course is officially recognized by Quality Matters.

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