Course (Re)Design Institute

course redesign instituteThe Course (Re)Design Institute (CRDI) is designed to expand participants’ knowledge and skill in designing and teaching quality courses.

 During the Institute, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to apply research-based teaching and learning principles to course design;
  • Design or redesign a course built on learner-centered design principles; and
  • Network and collaborate with your peers across campus.

Course Redesign

Redesigning a class or a course is a learner-centered process that reimagines and reconceptualizes:

  • Why a class exists
  • What the learning goals are
  • How students learn

The course redesign process then builds a class around those interests. Whether you are developing a class for the first time or revisiting it after several years of study and instruction, it is healthy to:

  • (Re)Consider your content
  • How you share your content
  • How students can reveal their knowledge, skills, and intellectual growth

You can apply key Universal Design for Learning principles to help guide your quest for inclusion and representation of academic ability while reminding yourself that learning involves more than content mastery; it involves the learner.

The Center for Academic Excellence offers workshops, institutes, and one-on-one consultations designed to help faculty design or redesign classes and courses.