Teaching Online Certificate - Quality Matters Series

tocThe Quality Matters (QM) Teaching Online Certificate enables instructors to demonstrate their knowledge mastery of online teaching.

The Center for Academic Excellence will choose up to 12 faculty to participate in this fully online series of workshops. Priority will be given to faculty who typically teach a Gen Ed course.

  • Seven courses comprise the certificate program, and must be completed to obtain the Teaching Online Certificate:
  • Sessions Include:
    • Gauging Your Technology Skills
    • Evaluating Your Course Design
    • Exploring Your Institution's Policies
    • Orienting Your Online Learners
    • Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies
    • Creating Presence in Your Online Course
    • Assessing Your Learners
  • Find more information about the courses and course content
  • The 7 courses are spread over 11 weeks throughout the summer 2021 and fall 2021. 
  • It is estimated that these courses will take approximately 80 - 90 hours of your time to complete.
  • The CAE will pay for for the registration costs ($1,100 per person).
  • The CAE instructional technologists, all with QM certifications, will provide support throughout the TOC program.
  • Additionally, the CAE will provide a stipend of $1,200 for participants who complete the certificate program - to be paid at the conclusion of the experience.
  • Department chair approval is required as part of the application process.

To apply for consideration, please complete the application

Should you have any questions, please contact Emory Maiden at maidenev3@appstate.edu