AsULearn Essentials Courses

AsULearn Essentials Courses

The AsULearn Essentials courses provide lightly facilitated, asynchronous, courses aimed at helping faculty become acquainted with Appalachian State's Learning Management System (LMS) AsULearn.  The AsULearn Essentials course is a good refresher on the basics of AsULearn or an introduction to AsULearn and Moodle. The AsULearn Essentials and Beyond course is a deeper dive into additional features and tools available through AsULearn. This might be a course for faculty who are familiar with AsULearn and are looking for additional tools to support their face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses. 

AsULearn Essentials

The AsULearn Essentials course provides asynchronous modules that cover some of the basic tools in AsULearn. The course is available for open enrollment and takes approximately 4-6 hours, and faculty can self-enroll in this class.

Delivery Options

Participants can self-enroll in this asynchronous, self-paced course at any time. To enroll in the self-paced AsULearn Essentials course, please follow these steps:

  1. Access the course link on the AsULearn-Projects site.
  2. On the next screen, click the Enroll me button.

AsULearn Essentials and Beyond

The AsULearn Essentials and Beyond course is a five-week, lightly facilitated, asynchronous, cohort-based course aimed at providing instruction in some of the more advanced tools in AsULearn. Faculty will gain experience using AsULearn from a student's perspective, as well as practice using some of the most common educational technology tools in their own AsULearn course. Deliverables for this course have been designed to assist faculty with creating and building their own AsULearn course.

Upon successful completion of all four learning modules, faculty will earn the AsULearn Essentials Badge indicating that they have mastered the basic functions of the LMS.

Please contact Sarah Arrington for details on when the next cohort will be offered.