Creating Better Educational Videos with the Lightboard

With the increase of online learning and technologies, professors are looking for more efficient ways to present lectures and complex issues. Lightboards are glass chalkboards, paired with a video camera, that are used for recording educational content. With a lightboard, professors can simply face towards viewers and write any, diagrams, notes, equations, charts, etc. on the glass. The lightboard technology enhances the information written by the presenter, by making it stand out or glow to the viewer. This lightboard technology makes lectures and online learning more efficient and engaging. 

Benefits of Lightboards

  • Efficiency:  Lightboards help make recording lectures, teaching, and online learning much more efficient. For example, instructors won’t have to worry about being in the way of the student’s view of the board or notes, or having to constantly switch screens on Zoom. 

  • Engagement: Traditional video setups make the presenter chose between facing the audience, writing on a surface, or splitting the screen between showing the presenter’s face and the content being presented. This can cause a disconnection between the presenter and the audience. The feeling that the audience needs to focus on one or the other.  The lightboard technology allows the presenter to be united with the content they are presenting in a way that not even traditional face-to-face presentations can match.  This makes a more visually interesting and engaging presentation that feels personal to the viewer and enhances attention and retention.

There are four lightboards on campus available for use:

  • Anne Belk Hall

  • Peacock Hall

  • Belk Library and Information Commons

  • Leon Levine Health Sciences. 

For more information, contact Jeff Church at To learn more about how to use the lightboard technology, visit our support page here

instructor at lightboard
Published: Sep 13, 2021 9:23am