Administration and Leadership

Strong leadership is essential for the success of faculty as well as the organization. The Center for Academic Excellence provides several development opportunities for departmental chairs, assistant chairs, and academic administrators that will prepare and support them in their leadership and administrative roles.

Importantly, it must be understood that leadership is not simply an administrative concept or title; it is a trait, and it is routinely exercised by various members of the academic community in diverse and dynamic ways. Part of our goal in the Center for Academic Excellence is to help our colleagues develop leadership skills in order to lead effective committees, learning communities, presentations, and working groups. In furtherance of these goals, the university supports the Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP).

The Center for Academic Excellence routinely offers on-campus workshops that provide local expertise on a variety of leadership topics (like our Department Chair Series). Department chairs frequently receive financial support to attend off-campus workshops and conferences through the American Council on Education and other venues, and to participate in online seminars such as Jossey-Bass Department Chair Leadership Institutes. These opportunities enable chairs to enter into the national conversation about departmental leadership.

We encourage women in higher education to participate in BRIDGES, an intensive program sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This program helps women identify, understand, and move into leadership roles in the academy. 

Department chairs and other university leaders may also consult the Center for Academic Excellence for assistance with administrative, organizational, and instructional issues.

Online Leadership Resources

The National Academy for Academic Leadership educates academic decision makers to be leaders for sustained, integrated institutional change. The American Council on Education's Department Chair Online Resource Center provides evidence-based information to those heading departments or programs and for administrators who work with department leaders. The University of Washington's ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change offers valuable advice on recruitment, hiring, retention, work-life, and mentoring.