Teaching Squares Online

Invitation to Teaching Squares Online - Spring 2020

The Center for Academic Excellence(CAE) is offering a Teaching Square experience aimed at online teachers. 

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What is a Teaching Square?
A square is made up of four faculty, sometimes from different disciplines.  The four faculty in each “teaching square” agree to visit each other’s classes one time over the course of a semester, and then meet to discuss what they’ve learned from their observations. They meet once as a group at the beginning to learn about the process, and then meet again after the observations to discuss what they have learned.

Value of Teaching Squares
The intention of the square is not to criticize each other’s teaching. Rather, it’s to gather ideas on different teaching approaches that might be used in one’s own classes. It’s an opportunity for faculty to reflect on their own teaching in light of colleagues’ teaching examples. Could I do something like that? Would that approach work with the content I teach? I might be able to use that, but what would I need to change so that it better fits with my teaching style? It’s a constructive way to consider current teaching practices in light of some potential alternatives.

Online Teaching Squares
With Teaching Squares for online classes, classroom observations would be different. You would share a course site that you are currently teaching or perhaps taught last summer, as you consider how you might redesign things before teaching it again. Normally in a Teaching Square, each faculty member would be observed 3 times by a peer in the Teaching Square. For online observations, the peers in your square would have access to your course site, but they would look at the site for different elements for the three observations. For the first observation, they might look at general online appearance, course navigation, and student orientation to the course, etc.  The following observations would focus on different course design features. An observation sheet would be provided to participants for each round to focus the feedback. For each round of observations, you would observe one other person in the square.

If you would like to participate in Teaching Squares for Online Classes, please complete the application form linked below. Once we have four people for a square, we will coordinate a meeting to get the square started.   If you have additional questions prior to submitting an application, please contact  Derek Eggers eggersdc@appstate.edu or by campus phone 262-3041.

Application Form:  https://forms.gle/tWp5fdXz8ekT5NoaA