Exploring Digital Literacy

Advancing Digital and Media Literacy AppLC

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Access to reliable information and equitable expression is an essential function of a healthy democracy. Yet, people of all ages are increasingly immersed in digital spaces and practices that reflect and reinforce particular agendas, beliefs, and narratives in nebulous ways.

For colleges and universities, the cultivation of digital and media literacy is emerging as a strategic direction and core competency in order to prepare students for critical, creative, and compassionate thinking. Through digital and media literacy, students, faculty, and staff alike may be empowered with sophisticated understandings and skills to access, organize, navigate, curate, evaluate, create, and advocate in digital spaces.

Since 2018, our Digital Literacy Appalachian Learning Community (AppLC) has become well established as we worked to develop individual and collective knowledge related to challenges and opportunities in digital and media literacy. Consider joining this exciting effort as we continue our work, actively working towards the advancement of digital and media literacy at Appalachian State University. We’ll focus on gathering information about campus-wide pedagogies and engagement and cultivating the capacity to lead in relevant strategic planning efforts.

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